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Experience 25 exciting new places, events, contests, and activities, responsibly and safely.


Wish for Nature

Close your eyes and remember one special moment you have spent in nature.  How did you feel?

If you could make one wish that would protect more of BC’s nature and wildlife, what would your wish be?

Wish for nature and make a difference:

  • For each wish you make, generous individuals will give $10 to help create new parks and protected areas in BC for you to enjoy forever.
  • Your wish joins with other wishes to show that British Columbians support protecting 30% of BC by 2030.

Spread the word. Every person you inspire to make a wish is another $10 you have helped contribute, and more goodwill for BC’s nature.

25 weeks of adventure

Summer is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean you should stop spending time in nature!


25 Weeks of Adventure” is a series of fun, responsible and inclusive outdoor events, planned in collaboration with partners across the province and spread over 25 weeks.


Get ready and stay tuned to discover plenty of exciting activities to do over the coming fall and winter.


When: From October 2023 to March 2024

Where: 25 BC Parks across BC

As a Discover Parks Ambassador working for the BC Parks Foundation, I spend my weekends in our beautiful BC Provincial Parks. I have always been an admirer of animals. I’ve had them as pets, obsessively read many encyclopedia entries about them, watched a plethora of documentaries, and recently have been photographing them. It’s great being outdoors and I get excited when I can point out local wildlife to interested visitors. Sandra Al-Samman (via)
silhouettes of two figures against a mountainous sky range

More than 50,000 visitors have interacted with our youth Ambassadors in parks since 2020.

45 youth have been employed to connect visitors to nature.

Nearly 1,000 vulnerable youth have spent more than 2,500 hours outside.