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Spend 2.5 hours outside each week feeling relaxed and healthy by nature.



Spending just 2 hours in nature each week significantly improves your health.

Stress can worsen 90% of illnesses — Challenge yourself to spend a minimum of 2.5 hours in nature each week to de‑stress and stay balanced.

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A couple walking along a wooded broad walk surrounded by large old growth trees.
Outdoor dancing is my favourite activity. I like to go in nature and dance, which is a great workout – it’s high energy exercise. I love to go to beautiful scenic areas in the Yukon, or wherever in Canada, and sometimes, whenever I get a chance, I also go for skiing. I feel that it’s very important to create connections with nature. Gurdeep Pandher (via)

Did you know that 90% of illnesses are made worse by stress?

Being outside can help de-stress and keep yourself in balance. One way to connect to nature is to start a nature journal. Use the 25 prompts below to build the practice of nature journalling into your everyday life.

A growing body of scientific evidence confirms that when you interact with nature, you can become healthier and more productive. We want to make sure all British Columbians have the opportunity to experience parks and their healing power.

Join 25×25 by following doctor’s recommendations to spend 2.5 hours outside every week, and experience all the health benefits that spending time in nature brings.

In 2022, your support led to Canada’s first nature based prescription program (PaRx) being formally endorsed by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA). Since its inception in 2020, PaRx has welcomed more than 10,000 prescribers across the country to prescribe time in nature to their patients.

two hikers in the foreground surveying a forest and city in the distance


A lone female figure standing in the woods surrounded by tall trees exploring what nature has to offer.

PaRx adult guide to living healthy by nature.

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