Enjoy Now, Protect Forever

Protect and Enjoy More of British Columbia by 2025


Let’s keep British Columbia beautiful and clean for generations to come. Start now and receive opportunities to win, learn, and explore.

Doing Great Things, Together

We must reach the following four objectives by 2025. New activities, challenges and contests will be unveiled over the next three years to get us there.


Experience 25 exciting new places, events, contests, and activities, responsibly and safely.

three surfers and a dog walking along sunny seaside beach


Spend 2.5 hours outside each week feeling relaxed and healthy by nature.

two hikers in the foreground surveying a forest and city in the distance


Protect 25 beautiful places and help Canada reach the target of 25% of land and sea protected.

rocky vista over lake


Collect 25 million observations of BC’s incredible diversity of life, to help keep it abundant forever.

orca whale in full view jumping out of sea water
snowy expanse with douglas firs poking out of mountain side


We are in a critical decade to address climate change, biodiversity loss, indigenous reconciliation, and human health. Globally, British Columbia is significant, with some of the last large tracts of wilderness in the world’s temperate zone. From the Pacific Ocean to the Rocky Mountains, BC is also home to a stunning array of biodiversity, including migratory species, species at risk, and 70% of Canada’s native mammal and bird species.

At the same time, the use of parks and protected areas is expanding. It is critical that we continue to find new ways to be inclusive and to promote responsible and safe enjoyment of parks, or we risk destroying the places we treasure and enjoy.