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Protect 25 beautiful places and help Canada reach its target of 25% of land and sea protected by 2025.

Land and sea protected


You can protect important habitats across BC by joining our 25×25 campaign. With your support, we have set our sights on a massive goal, Protect 25% of BC by 2025.

In December, at the UN Conference on Biological Diversity (COP15) the BC government, joined by the Canadian government and leaders from across the globe, formally committed to protecting 30% of Land and sea by 2030.

This was a huge milestone for everyone to celebrate, but much must be done before we reach our destination. To that end, we will continue to build awareness and accelerate the momentum surrounding 25×25.

BC’s parks are more than just beautiful places that we enjoy, that drive our economy, and that are at the core of who we are as British Columbians.

They also provide essential life support functions for us and other species. Because of increasing pressures like climate change and park visitation, it is more important than ever to add new parkland, fund restoration, and create corridors between parks so wildlife can survive threats such as fire, disease, or habitat loss. You can help create wildlife corridors and protect special places, providing habitat for rare and endangered species so they will be protected forever.

Join us as we set out on a mission to protect 25 places and help Canada reach its target of protecting 25% of land and sea by 2025.

rocky vista over lake

Since 2019, you have protected 18 amazing places in BC, ensuring that more than 14,370 hectares of land are protected forever.

Morrison Creek, Comox Valley, Vancouver Island. Arial view of the extensive forrest and wetlands of the valley.

Challenge complete

Congratulations! You did it! The 25×25 crowdfunding goal for protecting Morrison Headwaters has been successfully reached. In under 2 months, people in BC, and in particular the Comox Valley, as well as friends from abroad, contributed over $375,000 towards the area’s protection. We are now waiting on word from several grant applications to complete the overall funding required. The purchase will close in early April.

This is a huge success, with the story being featured in national news outlets, including the Globe and Mail and CBC’s As It Happens. The collaboration between the BC Parks Foundation and Comox Valley Land Trust has been excellent, and we are both very grateful to you for your support. Thank you!!!

Andy Day BC – Parks Foundation

Tim Ennis Comox – Valley Land Trust

You have helped protect some incredibly special places throughout BC – We still have a long way to go to protect 25% of BC by 2025, on our way to 30% by 2030.

Here are some of the amazing places we have protected.